Inspirational Stories of the Heart

Molly Friedenfeld discusses the transformational power of love and compassion and the inspirational stories of miracles that occur when we reach out to people, animals and help our environment unconditionally.

Spiritual Learning Tip Of The Day:

Get a friend, a family member, a co-worker or form a group of people who are on the same path as you and journal your stories, synchronicities and spiritual events back and forth via email.  Why email? This allows you to share your spiritual stories with many and help make it more real.  You can also print your stories and put them in a folder for later review so you can see all your spiritual progress.

The process of sharing your stories does many wonderful things:

  • It inspires the other person or person (s) to stay on their path for learning.
  • It puts out the conscious intention that you want to learn and grow.
  • It makes the spiritual event from a situation that could be discounted as a chance circumstance into a tangible event.
  • It connects you and the other person with a common bond of helping one another spiritually and unconditionally.
  • By all the great stories you gather between you and your spiritual partners, you will then be able to inspire more people to do the same.

Inspirational Animal Stories:

Andre Sea Turtle

They called him Andre – A 170 pound endangered green sea turtle that washed up in 2010 on a sandbar on Juno Beach in Florida, nearly dead after a boat ran him over with its propeller and tore huge gashes in his shell. Biologists say accidents like that probably happen all the time, but since most of them are out on the open water, we never know about them.  Learn more about the incredible team effort to save him (click here) Loggerhead Marine Life Center

ABC News Story about Saving Andre the Turtle

Earthly Angels Save Motorcyclist

When Earthly Angels come together for a purpose miracles become everyday events…


Spiritual Samaritan Demonstrates Inspiration in sports – The Jason McElwain story.


Becoming A Spiritual Samaritan

A fellow human becomes a Spiritual Samaritan in the giving of service to another by demonstrating unconditional love, kindness and generosity in God’s name.

Become a motivational speaker for doing what’s right.  Talk about your positive experiences, stories and blessings with those around you and encourage others to do the same.

  • Become a difference maker.  Start your day with a simple prayer asking God and your angels to put someone in front of you that you can assist in some big or small way so you too can become Spiritual Samaritan – then watch what happens!
  • Show God your gratitude.  When you receive a blessing, the Universe always presents a follow up opportunity to return the favor by blessing someone in return. Grasp every opportunity as it comes along by blessing another human or one of God’s creatures.
  • Teach it forward. If you have gathered great wisdom through a difficult lesson, tell others about it.  We can learn Karmic lessons through the experience of others.  Many times it’s our personal choice whether we want to go the difficult route and live through a tough lesson or take the easy road and learn through someone else.  By telling your story honestly and with humility you can give others insight into a problem they may be experiencing and become the instrument of change in another soul’s learning.

Story of Inspiration in the Face of Death

As a 14-year-old boy living in Czechoslovakia, Gerry Friedenfeld was sent by his parents from Prague to England on the “Kindertransport,” the clandestine deportation of more than 10,000 Jewish children out of Nazi-held lands.

He was just fourteen years old on April 12, 1939 when the Nazis invaded the refugee camp in Czechoslovakia where he, his family and 600 other Jews sought refuge after being ordered from their homes in Lundenburg.  The SS-troopers singled out 24 men and boys for a practice called “exercising.”  The men and boys were kicked repeatedly and beaten with fists and iron bars.  One of the troopers noticed a ladder lying up against a building and ordered Peter’s father to climb up the ladder and then jump off.  He was forced to climb and jump, climb and jump numerous times. Following one of the jumps, he broke his right leg.  Fortunately, this ended the torture and he was brought to the camp infirmary.  One day two Earthly Angels, a man named Mr. Drucker and a woman appeared at fourteen year old Gerry’s bedside, after gaining permission from Gerry’s parents, and asked him if he would like to emigrate to England.  Another Earthly Angel, Mr. Winton, procured his release.  Five weeks later, on May 31, 1939, Gerry Friedenfeld along with 135 other Jewish children ranging in age from two to fifteen; boarded a train in Prague.

These earthly Guardian Angels, and its founder Mrs. Hahn Warburg, were members of the organization founded in London in 1938 named “Kindertransport”– Children Transport.  The organization was responsible for saving 10,0000 children from the Nazis and transporting them out of the war zone.

Gerry Friedenfeld never saw his parents again after that day in May 31, 1939.  He believes his parents were sent to Poland and most likely died during the artillery bombardment of the Warsaw Ghetto in April 1943.

 Why we should all be called to help each other and love each other and assist each?  Because we can become Angels here on earth and create earthly miracles in our lives and the lives of others just by being present for our fellow human.


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