Spiritual Awakening – Your Intuitive Messages Part Two

Today’s blog and radio show on Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Molly  discusses the Spiritual Awakening process in Part Two of a series on some of the many things you can expect to experience as you become more aware, more enlightened.

Some of the signs include:

  • Creativity bursts – Receiving ideas through books, music, pictures or creative inspiration at an alarming rate.
  • Perception that time is accelerating – “time crunch.”  Feeling not enough time in the day – important to take one day at a time, patience and finding joy in the process are key factors.
  • Living your purpose – Listening to your heart and finding your passion will lead you to defining your purpose for this lifetime.  Asking your Higher Power for insight and wisdom and then be patient, look and LISTEN for your answers.
  • Invisible presences – Encountering spirits, tapping into energy, sensations of being talked to at night.  As you become more aware of energy and operate at a higher vibration you will encounter more spiritual occurrences that you’ve never experienced before.  *Have comfort that you are surrounded by Divine love.  Ask your Angels to comfort and protect you, meditate and visualize white Angel light surrounding your home, neighborhood, city and country with Divine protection and love. 

Harold – (Molly’s turkey totem – November 2009)

  • Teachers appear everywhere – and with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey in the form of books, animal totems, movies, classes.

Molly’s turkey totem was revealed in November 2009.  “Harold the turkey totem” stayed perched on Molly’s deck for 1 week until she finally understood he was a symbol of a Divine message intended for her.  For more information on animal totems click here.

  • A teacher could be anyone from a relative, a friend, an actual teacher and even an adversary who is meant to teach you about forgiveness, compassion and not judging others.  Books are also teaching methods that are put in front of us at the perfect time when we are ready to receive the message. We can ignore the messages, but they will continually be put in front of us time and time again until the message is received.
  • Introspection – Increased solitude, feeling the need to go inward for personal reflection. Many extroverts are very surprised at needing to become introverts during this time.

Please refer to the Symptoms of Spiritual Awakenings tab at the top of our blog for a comprehensive list.



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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening – Your Intuitive Messages Part Two

  1. ■Teachers appear everywhere – and it’s true even through tv sometimes!
    It doesn’t seem strange at all to find this article tonight after talking about these awkenings with my frinds for several days now! Great blog

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