Angel Communication: It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Did you know angel communication really is as easy as 1-2-3?

Who are angels?

What do they do?

How many are there?

Does everyone have angels they can call on?

The answers regarding angels and the angel definitions can be found in Gary Spivey’s book called Secrets From God – Your Keys to Heaven.  Don’t let his eccentric appearance fool you.  He is a very talented God based psychic and healer.  Gary explains the reason for his appearance in his book.  We’ll let you read the book and find that out for yourselves, but the book is exceptional and very easy to read and understand.

Angel Questions

Q:  Who are angels?

A:  Angels are beings of light created by God from God’s energy.  They help protect heaven and all God planets from dark energy attacks.  They also guide souls to enlightenment.

Q:  What do they do?

A:  See the definitions below for reference to the different kinds of angels and their specific purpose.

Q:  How many are there?  Does everyone have Angels they can call on?

A:  Every spiritual being (that’s you and me!) has thousands of Angels watching over and protecting them.

Q:  Are Angels born into human form?

A:  No, Angels are not born into human form.  People you think may be an Angel in the human form are actually just human souls that have reached enlightenment (awakened their spiritual bodies before dying) and have decided to return back to earth to live again and guide others to enlightenment.  Once someone has reached enlightenment, then it is their decision to return to earth and guide others to enlightenment.  Until you reach enlightenment, you will return over and over again – lifetime after lifetime – until enlightenment is reached.  On your path to enlightenment, there will always be Angels there to help guide you.

Angel Definitions

Archangels  – Are the most powerful angels.  They were created with all God’s powers and abilities. They stand over heaven and guard it.

Warrior Angels – These are heaven’s soldiers and they answer directly to the Archangels.

Peacekeeper Angels –  Their job is to try and keep the peace between heaven and the dark side of the universe.  If peace is not possible they report back to the Archangels who take care of business!

Helper Angels – These are the angels that help keep heaven running.  They take care of various jobs in heaven but they also take care of people’s souls after they die.  They meet the soul at heaven’s gate.

If we return over and over again – lifetime after lifetime – to learn the lessons of  loving others, living with integrity, truth, forgiveness and compassion then I believe it is in all of our best interest on this planet for everyone to work together and assist each other on our paths of spiritual enlightenment so we don’t have to live so many gosh darn lifetimes to finally get it right.  I heard somewhere that the average human has to live almost 800 lifetimes to reach enlightenment.  If that’s true, that’s way too many people, for way too many lifetimes not helping one another, time after time.

What breaks this cycle is love, compassion, forgiveness and truth to name the basics.  This isn’t going to be well received I know, but that means everyone!  Even those people you disagree with, dislike, have done you wrong or even tried to hurt you or your family.  Knowing that we all have Angels here to help us and guide us is such a wonderful thought.  It will make this human journey easier.  I promise 🙂

********GREAT TIPS TO PRINT AND CLIP *********

Information Angels want you to know:

  • Talk to your angels all the time, while driving to work, while on a walk.  It just takes a minute.  They are your best friend in this world.
  • Angels talk from their heart.  You should talk from your heart back to them.  To help you talk from your heart, place your hand over your heart while speaking.
  • Take 3 deep breaths to calm down and pause momentarily to center your mind before asking your question, or ask them while you are meditating.
  • Thoughts are energy.  Energy is real.
  1. Happy thoughts you can think of similar to a grain of white sand.
  2. Bad thoughts think of as a grain of black sand.
  • Angels only deliver good thoughts – bad/negative thoughts come from other people and dark spirit energy, not Angels.  So, if you have bad thoughts swirling around in your head ask your Angels to take those thoughts away for you – or imagine an Angel vacuuming them up with a white heavenly vacuum.  Those negative thoughts are not yours to keep – give them to your Angels.  They will be happy to dispose of them for you.

Angels communicate in many different ways:

Ringing in your ears – If you have loud ringing in your ears ask the Angels to “turn down the volume” a bit, be sure to say thank you.  You’ll notice how the volume will be lowered immediately.

Pennies and dimes left for you – Now that you are aware of Angel communication be on the look out for random pennies and dimes left in strange places.  A dime may be found in the dryer, a penny found at the bottom of an old shoe in your closet.  When this happens, smile and say thank you!  Your Angels want you to know they are with you!  (Thanks to my friend Lisa H. for sharing this wonderful knowledge about how Angels leave pennies and dimes for us).

Here’s the easy steps to talk to your Angels or receive signs of communication:

  1. Have an open mind and clear your mind by breathing deeply –  Tell your angels you welcome their communication that you are listening.
  2. BE SPECIFIC with your question and the sign needed for your confirmation – You may want to ask for just one question per day for starters, or ask multiple questions and record them in a notebook to keep track of your question and the sign you need for confirmation on your answer.
  3. Say Thank you!  Have faith! Let it go! Have fun!  (Dwelling on a question or repeatedly asking takes away your faith.  Believe me, Angels only need to hear your request once).

So here’s an example of how to ask:

  1. Breathe in deeply 3 times – clear your mind.
  2. Question:  Angels, if I am supposed to leave my current employer with xyz company within the next 3 months because it’s the best thing for me and my family at this time, please show me a purple horse by Friday.
  3. I believe, Thank you very much, Amen.
  4. Let go of it so you can receive – get out of your way and watch for your answer/sign.

Ask for signs that are not every day things for example:

Not Specific Signs – A dog, a cat, a bed, a black coat etc.

Good Specific Signs – A white dog, a three legged dog – or a Schnauzer, an orange tabby cat, a red balloon, a crown, a sword, a rooster, a pink house with a picket fence – you get the idea right?  Specific is important so it snaps you into attention when you see it!

How am I ever going to see a purple horse or a rooster?  Don’t think with your left brain!  Your sign can come in a myriad of ways – Billboards, TV, Websites, words spoken from someone’s mouth, lyrics in a song, a magazine at the doctor’s office.

If you aren’t specific with your requests and the signs to show you the answer how do the angels know what to give you?  Think of a mother trying to placate a screaming toddler as she’s saying, just tell me what you want so I can help you.  It’s the same thing with your Angels – specific is key to manifesting your request.


If you want to manifest something tangible other than a question, like a new job, a new home, assistance for your church and your family, or receive more money because you are behind in your bills you must follow these heavenly rules.

**Your request must have the vibration of truth, honesty, love and selflessness for it to manifest.**

Requests that won’t manifest:  

*You cannot ask to harm someone else or destroy something – that is not a vibration of love.

*You cannot ask to receive $1 million dollars to gamble with that is selfish means.

*You cannot lie and ask for $5,000 so you can give a donation to a charity, but really want it for Christmas shopping money.  That is not truthful or honest.

Requests that will manifest if truth, honesty, love and selflessness are present:

Angels please bring me 3 new clients in business by next month so that I may earn a higher income in order to assist a family in my neighborhood financially, help my family as we need to make our mortgage payment, or so that I may finish my schooling and earn my college degree.

Character Building Tip of the week:

Our character building tip of the week is all about being grateful.  Make each day a day of gratitude!

Be thankful for all that you have before your feet touch the ground in the morning.  Say thank you for your health, for your family unit, for your job or the job that is coming your way. Say thank you for even the small things like water that comes from the faucet so you can take a drink without walking a mile down a dusty road to a well.

To remind yourself to be grateful.  Buy some gratitude stones, put one in your purse or your pocket, the weight of it will be a good reminder to touch it throughout the day and say “thank you.”

Put a gratitude stone on your night stand or on your sink so you see it when you are getting ready in the morning.

And don’t forget to give the gift of gratitude by giving the stones to friends as well.

Gratitude Quotes

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.”

Lionel Hampton




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