Gettting Zapped By Other People’s Energy

Energy is everywhere.  We all experience energy in our every day lives by receiving and giving our energy  to others through encounters, thoughts and communication.

Energy Phrases and Feelings: 

  • She has such great energy!
  • I’m feeling blue.
  • He makes me see red!
  • That was a powerful speech.  Translation:  That was a power-filled speech (full of energy).
  • Whenever I am around him/her he zaps my energy.
Energy transfers can make us feel warm and fuzzy, such as giving a hug, gift or compliment, or an energy transfer can make us feel horrible by being on the receiving end of a cruel joke or a someone telling us we can’t do anything right.
Bad Energy Transfer:
  • Why is it when you are in a great mood at the office you can encounter someone in a bad mood and suddenly now you are in a bad mood too?
  •  How does a peaceful World Cup soccer game turn into a rioting stampeding crowd after a couple of punches are thrown?
  • How do two strangers minding their own business become involved in a road rage driving incident after someone gets cut off in traffic?
Good Energy Transfer:
  • The wonderful sense of belonging and patriotism you feel when singing the national anthem at the beginning of a sporting event.
  • The feeling of gratitude and happiness that washes over you as you share a meal with friends and family.
  • The sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment you feel when your boss compliments you in front of your peers or gives you a good performance review.

These examples show us that energy is powerful and ever present and why it’s important to be aware of how we give and receive energy to keep us healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Be alert!

Here’s what I mean by this:

As you travel down your spiritual awakening path be cognizant  of lessons to reinforce your learning process.  A few weeks ago I took my granddaughter out to eat.  As we were entering McDonald’s, a man and a woman were leaving with their children in tow.  The couple were arguing and as they passed us she said to him, “You are a part-time father.”  He quickly snapped back, “That’s bull@$%.”  Immediately, I felt a strong energy transfer.  My heart started pounding and I felt an intense sense of sadness come over me, not only for these children, but for their family unit.  As my granddaughter jumped in the plastic balls in the play area with glee, I was glued to the window, watching the family in the parking lot as the mother shoved the children in the car and the “part-time father” continued to yell at her.  When the argument escalated and the man threw the woman’s cell phone I snapped into action and called the police.  I could feel the blood pounding in my ears as I told the 911 dispatcher about a domestic dispute with children involved.  Even after the incident was over and my granddaughter and I were on our way home half of my energy remained in that parking lot with that family.

Here’s what I learned from that energy lesson:

An energy transfer can be an important temporary wake up call. It can be the adrenaline rush that snaps you into action. For me, I believe the energy transfer was supposed to be a short term incident to motivate me not to just be a passive observer, but to call the police to protect the children, and learn the lesson about the power of energy!

I also learned once you have experienced, acknowledged and fulfilled your call to action, it’s also important to recognize when it’s time to give someone their energy back.  It is not my place to take on the problems of that family and carry around their negative energy.  Once I made the call to the police my work was done.

Recognize the signs when you are receiving someone’s energy:

Clenching your jaw, sudden headache, dizziness, sore neck, heart racing, blood pumping in your ears, chills, you may feel inexplicably nervous, frantic or panicked, down in the dumps or feel as if a sudden cold is coming on.

Once you notice this energy transfer has occurred the best thing you can do is acknowledge it and consciously say to yourself, I’m letting that energy go. I’m giving that person their energy back and I am calling back my own energy too!  This will keep your energy system “energized” instead of “depleted.”


“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

~ Henry Ford

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