Tips to Help You Jumpstart Your Intuitive Abilities

I believe we all have intuitive abilities.  We just need to learn how to earn the right to use them and tap into them.  I believe things are revealed to us when we are ready to receive messages. So, how do you begin your own personal journey in search of God, wisdom, grace, and psychic/intuitive ability?  There are many different ways to begin, but as my good friend Laurie DuCharme says ask the Universe what you want revealed for yourself and be prepared to listen.  We all know people that ask questions but don’t want to hear the answers. The following tips are the fundamental principles I have followed personally throughout the years in search of transformation from being a selfish 20 year old back in the ’80’s, to a woman on a quest of hope, love, forgiveness, truth, honor, integrity, God and selflessness.  My wish is that my spiritual journey and the stories that will follow in the blogs to come will inspire you to start your journey of transforming your life into becoming the best human you can be and open the door to your own God given psychic/intuitive abilities. Steps to start you on your path: Living a Truthful Life – Do not lie to others, do not lie to yourself even about the smallest thing.  It blocks you spiritually.  I believe living a truthful life is one of the most important steps for spiritual progress. Become a Generous Samaritan Helping others and giving unconditionally.  God calls on all of us to help our fellow man.  It can be something so simple as holding the door open for someone, giving a friend a call on their birthday, organizing a fundraiser at church, slow down so someone can merge onto the freeway, donating time, love or even physical labor for a neighbor in need.  I believe when we extend ourselves and do things for others we in turn are blessed. Golden Rule – NOT Golden Fool:  Be a good human.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you in every situation, never a variation.  Example of the Golden Fool:  A woman who takes $50 from her husband’s wallet without his knowledge then in turn is outraged when her car is stolen while parked in front of her house. Living with Integrity –   Living with integrity means you are the same person regardless of the situation, the person involved or whether anyone is watching or not.  I believe the Universe is recording our every thought, every detail and every action.  If you behave as if someone is watching and recording the events of your life it helps to keep you on the correct path. Gratitude – Be grateful!  Every day you wake up in the morning is just one of the many gifts you receive before you even get out of bed, so be happy!  Enjoy every moment, don’t flash forward through life.  To keep you mindful of being grateful carry a Gratitude stone in your pocket or purse with you and place one on your nightstand or your sink so you see it each morning before you leave the house. Relationships – Life is all about relationships.  When we die I believe our life flashes in front of our eyes like a movie up on the screen.  We see all the things we did in this life with regards to relationships we formed along the way – the good and yes the bad ones too.  So be aware of your actions they will be viewed by you again.  These relationship memories, I believe we get to take with us, not the Porsche nor the house in Palm Springs. Lighten the Load and Live Simply – “Too much stuff” can weigh you down spiritually.  Think of it this way…If you have 10 coats on and someone is tapping you on the shoulder you’ll never feel it.  It’s the same thing if you own cars, homes, boats, mortgages, bills etc. If you are too preoccupied and stressed out because of “too much stuff,” when the universe is trying to tap you on the shoulder to awaken your spirituality, you’ll never feel it. Forgiveness – Forgiveness is necessary to prevent resentment, expand growth, and bless other people so they know they don’t have to try and be perfect around you.  Resentment is unresolved anger and non-forgiveness.  It stifles learning in its tracks. Speak Kindly and Spread the Love  – Love unconditionally, love yourself, love your family, love your neighbors, love everyone.  Be such a person of love that people say, “I feel really good when I am around her” or “She has such great energy.” Life is One Big Classroom  – I believe every single thing we do each day there is a lesson in it somewhere.  Even down to stubbing your toe on the curb.  Were you possibly in too big of a hurry, and your lesson is to learn about slowing down and being more aware of your surroundings so you know to look up when that car veers towards you on the sidewalk a week from now?  The great thing is you can always learn something if you are open to it! Listen to Christian Radio – Tune into your local Christian radio station for uplifting stories and songs as you drive around town.  The music is filled with lyrics of love, wisdom and inspiration.  Try it for a week, you’ll be hooked, but in a good way! Start Your Day with an Inspirational Devotional Book –  Your Best Life Now Devotional -Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Begins Each Morning – Joel Osteen, The Secret – Rhonda Byrne. Things to avoid like the plague that will hold you back on your spiritual journey:    Fear – Living in fear, speaking in fear, passing your fears onto your children, holding others back because of your fears.  You can spot a person living in fear immediately as they will use words such as, “I can’t stand him/her,” “I hate,” “I’d never do that,” “That scares the heck out of me.” “I’ve always wanted to…but can’t bring myself to do it” “That would kill me.”  “I’m worried about…”  “Fear is the great limit maker in lives.  It can halt your destiny in its tracks. Judgement – Not one of us has the right to judge others.  Judging others blocks out love in your life like pulling down the shades on a window to block out the sun.  People who are pros at judging people also end up dying alone because their isolating behavior and language pushes all those who love them within their world away. Greed/Selfishness – Greed isn’t just about money.  You can be greedy with love, knowledge, joy, material things that could help others but you just don’t want to share.  Store your riches up in heaven, not here on earth. Drug and Alcohol Abuse  – Drug and excessive alcohol use clouds spirituality.  Clear messages can not be received through a foggy mind.  Have you ever tried to reason with someone who is drunk or is using mind altering drugs?  It’s not possible – they don’t hear your message.  The same happens when the Universe is calling.  It can’t get through.   The Universe is Calling, Violet Wisdom Molly Friedenfeld We want to hear from you!  


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